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Breeding Pens

Bronze bs male
Bronze hen
Bronze bs hen

Bronze WE
Bronze bs we male
Bronze we hen
Bronze bs hen 

India Blue/Pied
IB Barred wing and Pied – males
IB hen
Spaulding hen

Jade bs male
Jade hen
Jade bs hen
Jade we hen
Jade silver pied hen

midnight bs male
2 midnight bs hens

Opal bs we male
Opal hen
2 Opal bs hens
Indigo hen

Peach split bs male
Peach split bs hen

Purple pens
Spaulding Purple bs male
Spaulding Purple bs hen
Purple bs pied hen
Purple hen

Purple barred wing male
Purple bs hen

Silver Pied
Silver pied male
Silver pied hen
IB split white hen

Violetta pied split bs male
Violetta pied split bs hen
Violetta bs hen

Ayam Ketawa aka laughing 
Red male
​3 hens

Black Copper Maran
BCM male
3 BCM hens

Brown Mottled Leghorn
Brown Mottled male
3 Brown mottled hens

Large Fowl Cochin Pens

Blue male and Splash male
Blue hens
Splash hens

Lavender male
Lavender hens

Opal Legbar
Opal male
Opal hens

Swedish Flower Hen
Swedish roo
Swedish hens