Loved By Mini Farm & Creations


We raise in breeding pens the Ayam Ketawa also known as the laughing chicken, Brown mottled leghorn, Opal legbar, Standard cochins and Swedish flower hens along with Barred rock, Maran, New Hampshire, Olive egger and RIR as laying hens.

We do sell eggs for eating and hatching through out the laying season. So if you are interested in any of these breeds, feel free to contact us for availability.

​Shipping eggs is a gamble but we do ship when need be. We ship USPS priority mail. Each egg is individually wrapped and double boxed to get to you safely but once they leave our hands there is no guarantee of hatch rate due to other circumstances out of our control. We take pride in providing the freshest eggs with safe packaging to insure our customers receive their eggs and have a great hatching experience. If there is a problem once package is received you can contact us and send pictures of package if any broken and we will try to work something out.

Pictures coming soon of the different breeds